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Friday, November 7, 2014

A Special Announcement #art4sarah

Art by Ruth J Smucker - Out of the Remnant.
I am excited to share here that I have prints of three different art pieces now available online.  (These are pictured throughout.) 

I am excited about all three, however, there is something very special about Out of the Remnant.

Out of the Remnant is the first of what I call "after paintings."  These "after paintings" come about in a very particular way.  While painting other larger pieces, I often have leftover paint on my palette that I don't have time to use up in that session.  I take the paint, and praying that something might come of it, I smear it onto paper with a palette knife.  It's not until later that I begin to see an image develop out of the smearing of the paint.  Once I see where the piece is going, I go back and bring it to fruition. 

Shortly after I created Out of the Remnant, I knew it belonged to a particular mission.  

Sarah Ewing is a precious little girl with Apert Syndrome.  She will undergo numerous surgeries throughout her life.  She was born to Ben & Jeannie Ewing in 2013, and we were some of the first to get to meet her.

Art by Ruth J Smucker - China and Me.
We were extremely privileged (as providence would have it) to be delivering Holy Communion to the hospital the weekend after Sarah's birth, and knowing that Ben and Jeannie and Sarah were there, and knowing that Jeannie would want to receive Holy Communion if possible, we had a chance to meet Sarah.

We knew in a profound way that this little one was very special, not just because of her syndrome, which had not even been diagnosed yet, but because of what we saw in her eyes.  A steadfast, loving, gentle spirit.  We knew that Ben and Jeannie and anyone who would meet little Sarah would never be the same.

Proceeds from each art print of Out of the Remnant will be  donated to Sarah Ewing to help fund her surgeries and care. 

All of the prints are high quality giclee art prints of the original pieces.  Each print is officially numbered, titled, and signed in pencil by myself, and are marked by myself with my own "RJS" mark.  Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity stating the details of the print, and is signed by myself as well.  More information is featured in the description of the piece when you visit my online store.

Art by Ruth J Smucker - Muerte-C'est la vie...
Prints of Out of the Remnant also come with further information about Sarah. 

You can read more about Sarah and her family at Jeannie's blog

To order prints, visit my online store, or contact me.

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